Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pitchfork Review of Depths

We’re happy to see that Depths was recently reviewed by

Woman Is The Earth: “Crown & Bone/Dreamer”
To most of us, the Black Hills of South Dakota seem like wild, unexplored territory. But to the three souls behind Woman Is The Earth, it’s just home, and those wide open surroundings must have informed the spacious songwriting on their latest release. The atmospheric black-metal trio have just completed work on their third full-length, Depths, out April 1 on Init. It’s a gorgeous, impassioned album, and miles ahead of even their best earlier work (like 2012’s solid This Place That Contains My Spirit, which Eisenwald is due to rerelease in April). Woman Is The Earth aren’t quite reinventing the wheel, but they do polish it up awfully nice with post-black metal gloss. Lush melodies shimmer and pulsate alongside cruel tremolo riffs and ragged howls, homage is paid to both Weakling and the early days of Wolves in the Throne Room, and the final result is pretty spellbinding.

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